Oktoberfest FishOktoberfest FishOne of the many hundreds sights, sounds, and smells to be found at Oktoberfest.

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Looking back at 5 years ago, first trip out of the USA I find these are some of the most paradoxical photos I took. With the time I find that I can now remember why I took these shots. But at the same time I know how random and disorganized some of our sightseeing was.

Again, our first stop on a three week journey. At this point we were without guides save the Rick Steves Book. I didn't really know how to take pictures in a totally foreign environment, if that makes sense. I found out really fast that is hard to get very large buildings into the frame without a proper wide-angle lens. But is was awesome nonetheless.

Maybe I missed a lot, but maybe I got a lot too.

Also Munich is a great beer city. Its all lagers and Bavarian style wheat beers which are all similar, but all similarly good.
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