Doo Lough ValleyDoo Lough ValleyThis valley known as the Valley of Ghosts gets its name from one of the saddest single events of the famine. Starving and walking 12 miles in the middle of winter on the promise of food 600 people were ultimately turned away and forced to walk back. 200 along the way.

The quiet and beautiful desolation of the whole valley is marked in my mind by fact that the hills were once filled with farms and people. To this day the hills are filled with ghosts that come in the form of knowing how different this place would look otherwise. A sight we would soon see in Northern Ireland.

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We covered a lot of ground both on the road and in Irish history over the course of the two days represented here. We had only one overnight stay in Westport as we journeyed from Galway and eventually into Northern, Ireland.

It was here, traveling through what has become known as the Valley of Ghosts that for me, a real understanding of the famine and its lasting affect on Ireland.

And, in addition we have more villages, ruins, centuries old high crosses, castles and one of Ireland's Nobel Prize winning writers.
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