UntitledUntitledThe magnificent structural pieces of the Berlin Hauptbanhof offers a candyland for photographers who like to study line, shape, light, dark etc.

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Taking a look back nearly 5 years later, I've added a number of new shots trying to convey a greater sense of place. Although still quite inadequate, hopefully one can get a more complete look at this truly great city. I wish I could go back sooner I imagine its already changed quite a bit since 2008.

I still maintain that Berlin was my favorite stop on the trip. Every stop was phenomenal, but if I left Portland, Oregon to live somewhere else it would be Berlin. Its a very exciting city to be in. Its history is fascinating and ongoing.

If you notice any errors in my recollections of what and where things were, or if you know more specific information on any of the photos please let me know.
U-BahnThe Alexanderplatz PlatformBerlin-3TV TowerBerlin-5Berlin-6Somewhere in East BerlinBerlin-9S-Bahn GraffitiBerlin-11Berlin-12Berlin-66Berlin-13Old vs. NewBerlin-15Berlin-67Berlin-16Memorial to the Murdered Jews of EuropeBerlin-19Expieriencing the Memorial